As I was typing this I realised I have sketched out far too much work for the lifestyle I intend to have while my kids are young. It will not all happen, or at least not soon. But hopefully this page will give you an idea of my professional direction of travel, while we live on the seas. If you want the online-profile version, go to my LinkedIN which is more or less up to date. I am active and available for work on upwork currently, and happy to discuss ideas over e-mail.


In my first few months of freelancing I have undertaken a broad variety of work loosely connected to the skills I have developed as an academic. I intend to maintain this lack of specialism. It will detrimentally affect my earnings, significantly. But perversely, in most cases it leads to me doing better work for clients. I understand the broader context of the work I’m doing, other people’s roles, and many other things which a specialist would not. And it is more fun for me, which is the determining factor. I like to vary the work I’m doing, and since this may well be a long-term occupation, I need to enjoy it.

I offer literature review documents, white papers, strategy consultations, case studies and other in-depth research. I edit and proofread academic texts from masters-level dissertations to books. I work as a learning designer authoring online courses, facilitator guides, and curricula. And I coach writers, students, and others considering a major change in their lives. Sounds fun, right?

Writing and education

As well as helping other people with their projects I would like to write for myself. I have a couple of books sketched out which might get written at some point: one fiction, one non-. And about two dozen other areas I want to investigate for shorter length projects. These are all more about personal development or contributing to specific conversations than money or making the world a better place. I’m a bright guy, but not conceited enough to believe that I have “the solutions” to everything I think about. Nor money-orientated enough to pretend that I do.

I would also love to teach. Using history to help people explore issues in the present is a genuine passion of mine, and something I do well. But teaching while on the move is difficult, so how this can happen, I don’t yet know. Perhaps we will settle for the odd year to allow our children to experience a sedentary existence while I take one of the precarious/temporary positions that plague English-speaking academic institutions. Or I could offer drop-in workshops and sessions at places we pass though. Or do some teaching online if I can find a meaningful way of doing so (i.e. not MOOCish). If anyone has any ideas regarding transient teaching, please do get in touch.

More immediately I am thinking about how I can contribute to public understanding of our climate emergency. Research suggests that the causes are what needs publicising in order to help people realise the magnitude of our present problem. So, writing up cutting-edge research for a public audience (papers, websites etc.) would be worthwhile and is something I could do to a high standard. Climate education, and thinking about education more broadly, are areas which will likely be covered on this blog in the near future.